Awakeri Drainage Limited

ASST Silt: Trench backfill material and blending with various products for binding properties.

ASTS-S Screened Topsoil: High quality product for grassing, playing field top ups, gardens.

ASTS-U Unscreened Topsoil: Raw unprocessed product, great for filling low areas, before adding screened topsoil.

Crushed Concrete
Awakeri Drainage Limited

ASCC-20 Crushed Concrete 20mm: Good product for track and road topping crushed, screened all in product high cement content which can be graded and shaped to desired cambers and will set very hard.

ASCC-65 Crushed Concrete 65mm: Same as above, good base, higher strength.

ASCC-100 Crushed Concrete 100mm: Base for boggy areas, heavy duty roading requirements, can be laid and driven on immediately.

Graded Stone
Awakeri Drainage Limited

ASGS Graded Stone 20-40mm: Predominately used in effluent trenches, soak pit. Ideal for sheep and cattle yards.

ASBD Boulders 100mm+: Graded product suitable for Gabian baskets, water table erosion prevention areas, soak pits, culvert discharge, dam wall erosion prevention and inlet areas.

ASOV Overs 40-100mm: For water galleries, soak pits, water table erosion prevention, good base for roading, high strength.

ASPM Pea Metal 10mm: Drainage product used for bedding novaflo and PVC drains. Eliminating compaction problems.