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Awakeri Drainage Limited


Awakeri Drainage Limited

With over 40 years in the drainage business, we understand why farmers and growers place so much value on looking after their main investment - the land.

  • Sub-surface drains
  • Nova/Nexus pipe
  • Open Drains
  • Sumps, culverts
  • Dam building

Successful farmers see land drainage as an investment rather than an expense, opening the way to increased production and reduced risk in crop management. Effective land drainage systems are a proven way of increasing land values, improving animal health and maximising productive pasture areas. The most important thing after buying your land is drainage.

The heart of an increased production base lies with your drainage system. Soil condition is the hidden key to reaching top production and maximising farm returns. More drainage means that less irrigation is required, improving the return on your investment. Investing a percentage of farm income on drainage every year is acknowledged as sound business practice.

Since the 70's, we have used lasers for superior accuracy, and were one of the first to adopt plastic pipe rather than the old clay tiles, plastic pipe being cheaper, lighter and easier to install.

As long term users of Nexus and Novaflo, we use a combination of both products. The smooth wall of the Nexus means it has a higher flow rate and is less susceptible to blocking up with small stones, plus it's structurally stronger. As a cost saving exercise, a regular jet cleaning program is recommended every 5 years or so, which is effectively a cost saving exercise. "If you wait until you've got problems on the surface a lot of production can be lost."

June 2017 we acquired a new Mastenbroek 20/15 Drainage Trencher. to see it in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QdSNVJFswcY


We are constantly growing, and now have 10 excavators ranging from 12 - 20 tonne so your imagination is the limit! Whether it be an orchard removal, establishing a rural house site or constructing the world's longest mud slide... we can help.

We work alongside Aqualine Contractors and Drainways so we can also provide smaller excavators from 3 to 15 tonne and directional drilling equipment.

  • Tree removal
  • Land development
  • Land Conversions
  • Rural House Sites
  • Tank sites
  • Landscaping
  • Tennis court excavations
  • Swimming pools
  • Track Maintenance
  • Demolition
Awakeri Drainage Limited
Awakeri Drainage Limited
Crushing and Screening Plant

With our mobile screening and crushing machines tailoring products to meet your requirements is simple. We can bring our machines to your quarry, farm or yard. A lot of Hawke's Bay farms have their own natural resources for farm maintenance and infrastructure construction. With our knowledge of resources and specialised crushing and screening machinery we can turn your resources into useful materials to improve production on your farm.